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eamon dunphy gagged
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Profile – Denis O’Brien

Denis O’Brien, Ireland’s most powerful media owner, is – as an individual – exercising an extraordinarily chilling effect on journalism and journalists after grossly negative findings against him in the…

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Lyrical bees

In the Sticks: Loss of habitat and food threatens a one-time harbinger of Spring – Shirley Clerkin 

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What’s your beef, horse?

The media, politicians, the IFA and the CAP promote beef rather than plant foods, to the detriment of health, the environment and the poor - Frank Armstrong 

Amazingly, the screen-grab above shows three-and-a-half full screens of content displayed on Irishtimes.com when the site is being viewed at full width on a laptop. The first screen really only shows you the top banner ad, the Irish Times Logo, and the top-level menu. A drop-down menu appears if you hover your mouse cursor over one of the menu options, but you can only read and select from the full menu if you scroll down the page first, and then hover back over the menu. Note the advertisements are in French, even though the website is being viewed from Spain (ie the laptop IP address is in Spain)
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Irishtimes.com: undermining the brand and disappointing the reader

The old Irish Times website was much better than the new one – Frank Schnittger   

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The future of television (login required)

We’re still watching it, but everything else has changed – Richard Callanan 

Phoenix Cover
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The Phoenix – almost serious

The great magazine survivor divides commentators – Gerard Cunningham 

UTV - just not that good, really
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Must try harder

Investigative journalism in the North is ill-served on-air and in print – Anton McCabe 

Solar-engineering workshop for thirty women from ten countries
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Barefoot and masterful

Bunker Roy explains his solar-engineering college and castigates the vested-interest aid industry – Samuel McManus 

The Pacific Gyre
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Pacific gyre

Revolting plastic ocean morass covers an area twice the size of the USA – John Gibbons 

Watergate: Bernstein and Woodward
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Journalism: the practice and the theory

The media must challenge power and the state, and resist interference and regulation – Harry Browne 

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Where’s the interest in creating money?

We’ve become used to the idea that a society based on loans is normal and sustainable - Paul Ferguson 

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John Waters answers the liberal establishment and the craven Irish Times

No crucifixion. Please note we reserve the right to edit comments for defamation, incitement to hatred and terms of hatred. “It will never be known what acts of cowardice have…


John Gibbons interviews climate scientist, Michael Mann

Mann enough ‘His ‘hockeystick graph’ became the defining symbol of man-made climate change – and made him a special target of the fossil-fuel lobby’ ‘If you as a scientist share…

Irish School bus

Education Department obfuscates on Bus Éireann

  Unavailability of accounts and a report, and denial of profit, don’t stack up by  Michael Smith (Feb 2014, Village Magazine)   Student Transport Scheme Ltd, a private company.  wants…


Context for, and focus on, the Garda

  History, and the current lack of official, political and journalistic incisiveness, suggest reform of the Garda will remain elusive By Frank Connolly Not much has changed since I first…

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How Ireland got the CRC and exclusive private hospitals The long evolution of our impersonal, centrally-organised, eccentrically-run, consultant-deferential, selfish, non-rights-based regimes for poverty and then health

  Caroline Hurley Former CRC board members Poor laws come from Poor Laws. The English Poor Laws date from the fourteenth century and, though regularly modified, were not fully repealed…


The madness of repeating Partnership failure Hogan Working Group’s neat PPNs replicate stagnant social partnership model, locally

By Niall Crowley You would not immediately associate Phil Hogan, Minister for Environment, Community and Local Government, with an interest in participatory democracy. However, last September he did set up…


Is Newstalk more than Kenny and Yates?

The well-marketed commercial station  fails to cultivate its own youthful talent By Gerard Cunningham ‘ The ‘Move the Dial’ campaign for Newstalk, fronted by Pat Kenny in the weeks before…

Tony Benn, pictured by the Houses of Parliament in March 1961

RIP Tony Benn. Here’s an interview he did for Village (2009).

Daring to be a Daniel Cult Status hasn’t gone to Tony Benn’s head By Derek Owens   Nearing his 84th birthday, the man once denounced in The Sun as the…


Corrupting philanthropy

As Frank Flannery revealed as overpaid consultant to Philanthropy Ireland as well as chair of Forum on Philanthropy read Niall Crowley on the corruption of philanthropy in Ireland (July 2013,…


Good god, Google. Administration and ‘process’ not innovation drive Irish operation

  Ronan  Lynch   It’s been a bad twelve months for Google. It began with the growing awareness of Google’s tax avoidance, and continued with Google being forced to deny…


Bye Bye Mr Smug (Flannery and Enda’s backroom – Village 2009)

Frank Flannery and Ciaran Conlon, Enda’s backroom boys The smuggest men in politics That man you see on the box when FG do something popular like incorporate George Lee, the…


Denis to Dermot (Village imagines)

Dear Mr Desmond, You never go to Davos.  Why’s that then? I’ve been going for more than a decade, cruising in on the old Gulfstream. I love to put myself…


The unpredictable drip of freedom of Information Understaffed new Information Commissioner withdraws appeal as Aarhus convention flouted

T Tony  Lowes   ‘Governments treat the information in their possession as a resource, to be doled out in amounts as they see fit, either copious flows or mean little…

Hipster Icons _pv

Hipsterism: essential reminiscence in a world of airbrushed digitalisation

‘When art is made easy, it’s made cheap’ RóisIn Waters   Okay, I admit it – I’m a hipster. I’m the person you see with a polaroid camera slung around…


Water RescEU European Citizens Initiative can staunch water privatisations

John Gormley Debacle is the word most often used to describe the setting up of Irish Water. I always took the view that the need for water charges was self…


Unethical Philomena by Mannix Flynn. Instead of the politics of selling children we got a cosy road trip

“the religiously deferential Philomena denies that she was coerced into signing away her child” At the glitzy Dublin premiere of Philomena there was marked discomfort in the Q & A…

Npbody Cares about corruption

Nobody really cares Department of Environment’s revived post-Mahon planning ‘enquiry’ likely to be box-ticking, again. John Gormley Aug 2013 Village

’In a democracy the voters have a right to make stupid and irresponsible decisions, the right to vote for gombeens and bribetakers who will ignore development plans and rezone every…


By Kathleen Lynch Economic inequality creates educational inequalities …and class-based cuts to education, an engine for equality, subvert other rights and goods for the most vulnerable

The impact of rising economic inequality on inequality in education is profound, especially over time. Education is essentially a competition for advantage in an unequal society. Those who have most…


Ireland’s employment problem

By Sinead Pentony ‘Employment in construction is now just 37.5% of its June 2007 level but increased by 51,300 over the last six years in the areas of health and…