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eamon dunphy gagged
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Profile – Denis O’Brien

Denis O’Brien, Ireland’s most powerful media owner, is – as an individual – exercising an extraordinarily chilling effect on journalism and journalists after grossly negative findings against him in the…

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Lyrical bees

In the Sticks: Loss of habitat and food threatens a one-time harbinger of Spring – Shirley Clerkin 

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What’s your beef, horse?

The media, politicians, the IFA and the CAP promote beef rather than plant foods, to the detriment of health, the environment and the poor - Frank Armstrong 

Amazingly, the screen-grab above shows three-and-a-half full screens of content displayed on Irishtimes.com when the site is being viewed at full width on a laptop. The first screen really only shows you the top banner ad, the Irish Times Logo, and the top-level menu. A drop-down menu appears if you hover your mouse cursor over one of the menu options, but you can only read and select from the full menu if you scroll down the page first, and then hover back over the menu. Note the advertisements are in French, even though the website is being viewed from Spain (ie the laptop IP address is in Spain)
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Irishtimes.com: undermining the brand and disappointing the reader

The old Irish Times website was much better than the new one – Frank Schnittger   

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The future of television (login required)

We’re still watching it, but everything else has changed – Richard Callanan 

Phoenix Cover
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The Phoenix – almost serious

The great magazine survivor divides commentators – Gerard Cunningham 

UTV - just not that good, really
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Must try harder

Investigative journalism in the North is ill-served on-air and in print – Anton McCabe 

Solar-engineering workshop for thirty women from ten countries
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Barefoot and masterful

Bunker Roy explains his solar-engineering college and castigates the vested-interest aid industry – Samuel McManus 

The Pacific Gyre
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Pacific gyre

Revolting plastic ocean morass covers an area twice the size of the USA – John Gibbons 

Watergate: Bernstein and Woodward
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Journalism: the practice and the theory

The media must challenge power and the state, and resist interference and regulation – Harry Browne 

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Where’s the interest in creating money?

We’ve become used to the idea that a society based on loans is normal and sustainable - Paul Ferguson 

stirrings of equality in Maoist propaganda

Getting married in China

  Garreth Byrne Confucius (d. 479 BC) was an ethical teacher who laid down guiding principles for intending mandarin rulers in a feudal society. He stressed the importance of observing…

Dick Roche: complaint

Dick Roche hits out

  Frank Connolly A former Fianna Fáil Minister for the Environment, Dick Roche, has accused Wicklow County Council and two other state agencies of outrageous treatment of a family which…


Equality of outcome: an ethical imperative (editorial September 2014)

Village has always tended to support a vision of equality of outcome in society. Unfortunately, the most widely supported form of equality is equality of opportunity. Since it has more…

obliterated power plant: what if it had been Moneypoint?

If Ireland were Palestine

  John Gibbons It’s almost 30 years since an IRA no-warning bomb exploded in the Grand Hotel, Brighton, killing five people. Its primary target, British PM, Margaret Thatcher and her…

Eyre Square, Galway


  Ciaran Cuffe It’s Sunday morning in the Phoenix Park. A group of Brazilians are playing football under the shadow of the Wellington Monument. In the distance a herd of…


Serious questions about Law Society conduct

Solicitor struck off after Law Society falsely imputed an undertaking, and relied in part on a forged document and evidence from a fraudulent solicitor By Frank Connolly Allegations of “repeated…

Mater Hospital Dublin

Inquest continues this week into death of Dublin woman at the Mater Hospital

by Ronan Lynch Although Belfast woman Una Crudden is terminally ill with cancer, she’s using her time to raise awareness that ovarian cancer is commonly misdiagnosed as irritable bowel syndrome….


Standoff: Frank Armstrong v NDC’s Catherine Logan, on dairy

Armstrong wrong on dairy by Catherine Logan Frank Armstrong’s article ‘Contrary about Dairy [Village, June-July) contains numerous inaccuracies regarding dairy. Dairy foods play a significant and important role in a…

jpeg cover village_aug_2014_low

Marian Finucane Show: professionals over weekend brunch. By Ronan Lynch

Formulaic and incestuous – promoting journalists and politicians along with a strange number of PR and legal voices (see spreadsheet below) The discussion on Marian Finucane’s radio show (Sunday 25…


Whistleblower threatens Sean Mulryan

Whistleblower auctioneer Gabriel Dooley was manoeuvred out of €4m as Bray Council benefited from land sale. By Frank Connolly A prominent auctioneer in county Wicklow has made serious allegations against…


Kevin Kiely puts boot into Seamus Heaney

Heaney:going through the poetic motions Ireland’s timeless bard of farmyard, bogs and prehistory by Kevin Kiely After his death last year the Independent newspaper described Séamus Heaney as “probably the…

A woman holds a poster during a vigil in Dublin in memory of Savita Halappanavar and in support of changes to abortion law. The 31 year old died at a Galway hospital last month. Her family claim she was repeatedly refused a termination during a miscarriage

The current law on abortion (Village Aug 2014). By Cathie Doherty

Little Change on Abortion. Abortion remains sidelined in this society, and others, to the point where it is almost impolite to raise the issue – as “divisive”, “already dealt with”…

Screen shot 2014-08-19 at 12.41.20

Economic smugness without statistical substance (June 2014)

Outside multinationals it’s grim – even for property and competitiveness. By Constantin Gurdgiev ‘The national property price index peaked at 70.0 in December 2013 but slipped to 69.1 in March…


Blowing the Whistle so hard on Donegal even the people who haven’t been following so far, will hear it.

By Michael Smith. As Frank McBrearty, the whistleblower whose attempted framing for the murder of Richie Barron led to the instigation of the Morris Tribunal, told Village: “without whistleblowers you…


Fergus Finlay interviewed by Ken Cowley

Equality, decency, children, Labour. Barnardos “We have come through a very difficult two years, with some restructuring and redundancies, but we are breaking even now. And despite the difficult times,…

Growth from Investment

Irish Investment Lowest in EU

At 10.7 per cent versus an EU average of 17.9% it’s dragging down medium-term economic growth – by Sinéad Pentony

Opening up a can of worms

Why did Callinan and Kenny not tell Shatter?

Sinn Féin is benefitting from the suspension of disbelief – by John Gormley


Champions needed

Strong, principled women like Christine Buckley are essential for cultural change – by Ivana Bacik