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Blowing the Whistle so hard on Donegal even the people who haven’t been following so far, will hear it.

By Michael Smith. As Frank McBrearty, the whistleblower whose attempted framing for the murder of Richie Barron led to the instigation of the Morris Tribunal, told Village: “without whistleblowers you…


Faction Fiction

Pat Rabbitte Replies to Ray Kavanagh, former Labour Gen Sec who saw Democratic Left as a faction within Labour Ray Kavanagh is a good Labour man but he is watching…


Fergus Finlay interviewed by Ken Cowley

Equality, decency, children, Labour. Barnardos “We have come through a very difficult two years, with some restructuring and redundancies, but we are breaking even now. And despite the difficult times,…

Growth from Investment

Irish Investment Lowest in EU

At 10.7 per cent versus an EU average of 17.9% it’s dragging down medium-term economic growth – by Sinéad Pentony

Opening up a can of worms

Why did Callinan and Kenny not tell Shatter?

Sinn Féin is benefitting from the suspension of disbelief – by John Gormley


Champions needed

Strong, principled women like Christine Buckley are essential for cultural change – by Ivana Bacik


Hypocrisy about whistleblowing

Official Ireland is indifferent. This time about Donegal

Eamonn Gilmore Artwork

Eamon Gilmore (2008): Finally atop the Labour Party triangle? (profile 2008)

 By Michael Smith. Eamon Gilmore needs to continue showing us his edge. “Triangulate: to move in the direction of a point by partly moving away from it”. For years…


Hopeless Labour ignores hard-earned rules

Programme-renegotiation not enough as even finger-wagging becomes parody – John Gormley 


Dublin MEP candidates. 3. Mary Fitzpatrick (Fianna Fáil)

Mary Fitzpatrick interviewed by Michael Smith Councillor Mary Fitzpatrick, 44, was born and raised on the Navan Road in Dublin’s North Inner City, one of four children of Tom Fitzpatrick,…


Dublin MEP candidate interviews

2. Paul Murphy (Socialist Party) Interview by Michael Smith Background Paul Murphy is 31 but perfectly formed, a model of good humour, principle and intelligence. He grew up in Dublin’s…


Killing Kilkenny. Ditch the Central Access Scheme and build an outer ring road

Geni Murphy ‘the Victorian terrace due for demolition contains upstanding remains of a medieval manse house associated with one of the cathedral dignatories’. ‘The report notes: “the most recent archaeological…


On Shatter’s resignation, whither his reforms (Feb 2014 profile)?

Alan Shatter was a reforming minister. Profile of Shatter’s reforms (Feb 2014). by Kyran Fitzgerald There are few people who are neutral on the subject of Alan Shatter. Almost by…


Editorial. Hypocrisy about Whistleblowing. Donegal.

Official Ireland is indifferent. This time about Donegal. Gerard Convie is a whistleblower, but you won’t have heard of him. Over the last few years Village has helped a number…


2011 interview with Joe Higgins

As he announces his intention to retire, we reprint an interview with the strongest voice on Ireland’s radical left. Michael Smith interviews Joe Higgins about a new electoral force on…

DIT-President-Grant-IBL [400]

Devaluing degrees. By Peter McMenamin,retired General Secretary of the TUI

Devaluing degrees. By Peter McMenamin, retired General Secretary of the TUI The Technological Universities Bill is motivated by our excellent Institutes  of  Technology wanting spiffier  names ‘‘The distinctive role of…

reduced waters cover

So, who’s illiberal here?

“It will never be known what acts of cowardice have been committed for fear of not looking sufficiently progressive” – Charles Péguy             Those with…


Trump Dunes. The bombastic billionaire and his wad arrive in Doonbeg

  By Éibhir Mulqueen.   The news that bouffant New York billionaire Donald Trump has taken over the troubled Doonbeg Golf Links in West Clare, apparently for a snap-up price…


Dublin MEP candidates. 7. Lynn Boylan (Sinn Féin).

Lynn Boylan interviewed by Niall Crowley. Lynn Boylan is a member of the Sinn Féin Ard Comhairle and has been an active Sinn Féin member of the party for eight…