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Serious questions about Law Society conduct

Solicitor struck off after Law Society falsely imputed an undertaking, and relied in part on a forged document and evidence from a fraudulent solicitor By Frank Connolly Allegations of “repeated…


Whistleblower threatens Sean Mulryan

Whistleblower auctioneer Gabriel Dooley was manoeuvred out of €4m as Bray Council benefited from land sale. By Frank Connolly A prominent auctioneer in county Wicklow has made serious allegations against…

A woman holds a poster during a vigil in Dublin in memory of Savita Halappanavar and in support of changes to abortion law. The 31 year old died at a Galway hospital last month. Her family claim she was repeatedly refused a termination during a miscarriage

The current law on abortion (Village Aug 2014). By Cathie Doherty

Little Change on Abortion. Abortion remains sidelined in this society, and others, to the point where it is almost impolite to raise the issue – as “divisive”, “already dealt with”…


Hypocrisy about whistleblowing

Official Ireland is indifferent. This time about Donegal

DIT-President-Grant-IBL [400]

Devaluing degrees. By Peter McMenamin,retired General Secretary of the TUI

Devaluing degrees. By Peter McMenamin, retired General Secretary of the TUI The Technological Universities Bill is motivated by our excellent Institutes  of  Technology wanting spiffier  names ‘‘The distinctive role of…

reduced waters cover

So, who’s illiberal here?

“It will never be known what acts of cowardice have been committed for fear of not looking sufficiently progressive” – Charles Péguy             Those with…

Irish School bus

Education Department obfuscates on Bus Éireann

  Unavailability of accounts and a report, and denial of profit, don’t stack up by  Michael Smith (Feb 2014, Village Magazine)   Student Transport Scheme Ltd, a private company.  wants…


Context for, and focus on, the Garda

  History, and the current lack of official, political and journalistic incisiveness, suggest reform of the Garda will remain elusive By Frank Connolly Not much has changed since I first…

Tony Benn, pictured by the Houses of Parliament in March 1961

RIP Tony Benn. Here’s an interview he did for Village (2009).

Daring to be a Daniel Cult Status hasn’t gone to Tony Benn’s head By Derek Owens   Nearing his 84th birthday, the man once denounced in The Sun as the…


Corrupting philanthropy

As Frank Flannery revealed as overpaid consultant to Philanthropy Ireland as well as chair of Forum on Philanthropy read Niall Crowley on the corruption of philanthropy in Ireland (July 2013,…


Bye Bye Mr Smug (Flannery and Enda’s backroom – Village 2009)

Frank Flannery and Ciaran Conlon, Enda’s backroom boys The smuggest men in politics That man you see on the box when FG do something popular like incorporate George Lee, the…


Questions for Law Society

Solicitor struck off after Law Society falsely imputed an undertaking, and relied in part on a forged document and evidence from a fraudulent solicitor By Frank Connolly Allegations of “repeated…


Irish Times doesn’t necessarily correct mistakes. By Michael Smith

It is essential in a democracy that the press reports the facts, distinguishes facts from opinions and corrects errors. The Irish Times styles itself the newspaper of reference. It used…

Hungry Harry's: After

Dublindictment: Dublin city centre is a mess

By Kevin Duff The look of shopfronts in Dublin City Centre is in freefall, owing to an absence of effective planning enforcement for shopfront planning permissions and unauthorised shopfronts, signage…


Bogs and Booze in Bellanaboy and Belmullet

Risteard Ó Domhnaill “Shell was using OSSL to win hearts and minds in Mayo to progress the project but suddenly things changed, and tracks needed covering” Desmond Kane, OSSL Seventeen…


New Improved Pat (Village, 2009)

New Improved Pat Frontline’s bloodsport  is the ideal formula for steady Kenny; and he for it   “It is important to acknowledge that Kenny is a master of eliciting the…

Haddington Road Culture

Laddington Road

Sexist Haddington Road Agreement undermines work-sharing – Niall Crowley

The road would have gone within 20m of this habitat on the Foyle

A5 gets an F

As traffic falls, North’s High Court overturns unnecessary habitat-destroying road for inadequate assessment of its effects, for the moment – Anton McCabe 

Pentony Inequality

The most unequal, before taxation (2010)

OECD says Ireland’s tax and benefit system raises us from worst out of 31 to 17th worst out of 31, for direct income – Sinéad Pentony